Aurore Van Milhem is an independent womenswear brand founded in 2017 in Paris. 

The brand is inspired by Women and Art with the ambition of offering high quality timeless pieces for women to feel confident and feminine about their inner and outer beauty. 

“I believe in free, poetic women, whose imagination never stops, whose dreams have no limit and whose desires never end. Powerful and independent, they are the leaders of their own decisions. » – Mélanie Pothron, Founder and Designer 

Every Van Milhem piece is crafted with love and is detail oriented to create a unique, delicate, yet powerful style. 

The brand name stands for the encounter of Aurore and Françoise Sagan. 

«It’s from Françoise Sagan that comes the « Van Milhem » of Aurore. 

As I was walking on a rainy day, it stroke me. This woman, that I loved so much had given birth to Eleanor Van Milhem in her book “Des bleus à l’âme” and I needed to name Aurore after her. I had always known that Aurore was absolutely free, a freedom that we all dream about, I did not want any barriers, no rules for her. I wanted Aurore to belong to the great family of Sagan’s characters. I knew that thanks to this belonging she will be blessed. So that’s how Aurore was named Van Milhem. And all of this could not have been possible without the agreement of Françoise Sagan’s son, Denis Westhoff, who gave me permission to tell you this beautiful story. » – Mélanie Pothron.