Aurore Van Milhem


“Our certainty is that women are what they are today. That we should stop tormenting them with norms, these conventions that invade them, these things to do, these things not to do. Our “powerfull woman” gives us the means to do what we want. Powerful, dynamic and independent, they are the mistresses of their own decisions. We believe in free, poetic women, whose imagination never stops, whose dreams have no limit and whose desires never end. Our sources of inspiration are women who shine for their inner beauty as well as outdoor beauty.

Unconditioned women, who know how to identify their expectations and make themselves understood by all. We are responsible for making you live emotions, not just to offer you a “collection”. Aurore Van Milhem wants to offer you noble fabrics that have a history, with worked cuts, to suit the most demanding. The choice of materials is a real position, we make sure to focus on natural fabrics not synthetics ones. Every Van Milhem’s pieces is made to order, to offer you a personnal experience and to assure you the quality of our products. Because it’s too simple to suggest trendy clothes. Today, our motto is that a woman is much more complex than we think. And we will try to exercise to satisfy them by making them even more beautiful than they already are !

Credit : Second drawing is by Jean Cocteau