Françoise Sagan

« It’s from Françoise Sagan that comes the “Van Milhem” of Aurore »

Melanie’s Note


« I was walking on a rainy day and it strucks me. This woman that I loved so much had given birth to Eleanor Van Milhem in her book “Des bleus à l’âme” and I needed to name Aurore. I had always known that Aurore was absolutely free, a freedom that we all dream about, I did not want any barriers, no rules for her. I wanted Aurore to belong to the great family of Sagan’s characters. I knew that thanks to this belonging she will be blessed. So that’s how Aurore was named Van Milhem. And all of this could not have been possible without the agreement of Françoise Sagan’s son, Denis Westhoff, who gave me permission to tell you this beautiful story. »

Françoise Sagan is a French literary woman born June 21, 1935 in Cajarc and died in 2004. Her schooling is hectic; she shows early on a strong independence of spirit and a sense of humor that will be reflected in her writing.

Then comes the dazzling success of « Bonjour Tristesse », which earned her to be treated in “Le Figaro” as a “charming little monster” by François Mauriac. Sold to millions of copies, the legend of Françoise Sagan is set up.

Photograph : 1.Burt Glinn, 2. Jacques Rouchon, 3. Frank Horvat, 4. Jean-Loup Sieff, 5. Philippe Le Tellier

Money, artying, gambling, the speed at the wheel of extravagant cars, free love, alcohol, drugs fueled his legend. She becomes the symbol of the free woman who lives in the moment and without limits; elegant and modern. But literature being her true passion, she will not stop reading, writing, and publishing.

Published in 1972, “Des bleus à l’âme” is the 9th novel of the French writer Françoise Sagan. This book follows the author’s thread of thoughts, shared between her desire to “digress” on topics that come to her mind spontaneously, and the need to move forward in writing her novel.

Sagan appears as a free woman, thoughtful, modest, mocking (even towards herself) and much deeper than her novels suggest!